Home Based Business and Financial Education for Couples

Most couples don’t plan to fail most couples fail to plan. Yet failing to create a realistic financial plan and follow it is still the number one reason for divorce in half of all marriages in America. Obtaining a financial education is equally as important as a college education. Prudent financial planning and implementation is necessary for a happy, long-lasting marriage and it is necessary for wealth creation.

Despite record high home foreclosures, the mortgage foreclosure rate according to Moody’s economy.com, isn’t expected to peak until 2008.Too many couples find themselves in houses they cannot afford to pay for; this growing occurrence may be a failure to plan to have adequate income or too much debt, such as excessive credit card debt or expensive cars.

Since the early 70’s the bottom fifth of American families have had their income fall by about 0.2 percent each year, at the same time the bottom 40% have not seen any growth whatsoever. It should be clear to every American that things have changed and job security no longer exists, as it did for our grandparents.

In addition to stagnant wages, many young couples today are saddled with paying back college tuition loans that threaten their ability to pay their bills, take an annual vacation, purchase a home and save for retirement. The success of; Franchise alternatives, legitimate business opportunities from home and home based business is the light at the end of the tunnel.

If asked, most couples will say that they need more income to live comfortably but lack an abundance of time to make more money, by lets say working another job. Home business opportunities or franchise alternatives, that generate passive income may allow individuals to pursue the career they trained for and the income they need to live a happy and fulfilling life free from financial stress.

Young people today entering the laborforce face an unregulated labor market that does not plan for the creation of their personal wealth. It’s up to each individual to learn how to become more financially capable and self-sufficient. Consider learning about the legitimate home business opportunities that can generate passive income if the lack of time is an issue.